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What’s happened to Ewan McGregor? Ginger-haired actor is unrecognisable as he debuts new jet black hair and matching mustache after a day at the salon Benjamin in West Hollywood on Tue. 

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He’s so vein: Sean Penn, 52, shows off his bulging biceps as he goes shirtless on the daily jog.
The 52-year-old ‘Milk’ actor was sporting long-hair and a bare-chest and had veins bulging out of his arms as he walked along the road in Malibu on Monday.

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Ryan Phillippe takes his son Deacon to a soccer match in Brentwood, Calif. on November 3, 2012. Phillippe’s girlfriend Paulina Slagter was also spotted at the game.
Chris Hemsworth talking about his actor brothers:
“No, we have a healthily competitive relationship in everything – as brothers do. Whereas with [acting], all three of us are so aware of the instability of it all and how much is up to chance. It’s far more of a supportive relationship [we have in acting] than backyard football, or surfing, or whatever else we do in our free time.”

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David Duchovny planned career as playwright. Duchovny, 52, said he didn’t begin acting until his late twenties.
"I wanted to write plays. I was at Yale graduate school at the time for English literature not for acting …I liked the idea of

collaboration and I thought if I’m gonna write plays I should learn something about speaking the lines that I might try to write. It might help me as a writer to actually know it from that side,” he said.

Staying in shaping isn’t easy — just ask Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes! “I just lost 16 pounds of muscle, but I’ll get it back — it’s easy!” ..Haynes explained he works with “amazing trainers” to sculpt his bulging biceps and perfect pecs

. “I haven’t had session in a while, which is why I dropped a little weight, but I’m a huge fan of yoga and spin class,” the actor said. “Spin class is the best for your core!”
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